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Welcome to the website of Weasdale Nurseries, retail mail-order specialist suppliers of hardy trees and shrubs since 1950.

Servicing customers throughout EC Europe, our open-ground grown plants are carefully packed and shipped to our customers during the period of winter dormancy, from early November until mid-late April, ready for planting in their new surroundings.

Please take your time to move around our site and discover what we have to offer, how we do business, how to order, how to plant your trees and much more besides. We look forward to welcoming you as a new customer in the near future.   Useful hint: If you'd prefer to see larger text press "Ctrl" and the "+" key and you will zoom to a larger page size.  To return to a smaller size, press "Ctrl" and "-" (the key next to the +).

2015-16 Season - Lifting and Despatching Update - 7th April 2016      NO, YOU'RE NOT TOO LATE.

What a deceptive Spring this is turning out to be.  A few weeks ago, all the signs seemed to suggest that we may be seeing an early spring (boo!) which means an early finish to lifting and despatching of hardy Weasdale plants but, what's this? Hawthorns still tight in bud and others that seemed to be about to flush have thought better of it (Yayyy!) and have moved no further, so almost everything is still OK to lift and despatch and will be for some time yet.   Remember that we are the last nursery in the country to stop despatching as our winter is longer than any other nursery's.  Lots of catalogues have been going off in the post so we guess that that essential planning is going on  out there. If you can't wait for the post, our 2015-16 season catalogue is also available as a downloadable PDF.  This website is undergoing some major surgery behind the scenes and for now, shows last season's prices - please use these prices as a guide for now or refer to the catalogue for confirmaiton of the 2015-16 rates.  Even better, just give us a call - that's so much easier!

If you have a requirement for larger numbers of plants, we can supply container-grown stock outside the bare-root window using pallet-delivery service, but this is not cost-competitive for small quantities of plants.  Please don't hesitate to call and let us know your requirements.

PayPal and American Express

We have now added PayPal to our webshop payment options as we know that this a method favoured by millions for its simplicity.  Click on the Credit /debit card / PayPal option at the checkout and then PayPal for a swifter, cleaner process.  Amex have also now improved their retailer terms and so you may also now pay using an Amex card for your shopping trolley full of Weasdale plants.

Ash Dieback (Chalara fraxinea)

This serious disease of Ash is now in the UK and you can find out more about it under "Useful Stuff".  Sadly, it means that no-one is allowed to sell or move this valuable tree until further notice. Please note, however, that this disease does NOT affect the Mountain Ashes, which are not true Ashes at all, but from a completely different and unrelated family. 


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Red Squirrels

Many of you may know that the nurseries here are a stronghold of the endangered native Red Squirrel and we are on the front line of the invading Grey Squirrel's territory.  For an "aaah!" moment, click here: Bold little Red Squirrel for a brief introduction to an endearing friend of ours....   Her first approach was in the depths of a bitterly cold winter 2009, when probably particularly hungry.  You may also like to visit our Facebook page to read about a red squirrel kitten that was saved after a fall from its drey.

Weasdale Nurseries are suppliers of bare root trees, Conifers, Hardy trees and shrubs, Hedge plants and planting sundries such as tree stakes, shelters and ties all by mail order.

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